The Misanthropic Altruist - Some ... are ... generous – they gift to charity, lavish gifts on their highest, ... offer for his or her nearest and beloved, and, in general, are ... and ...

Some narcissists are with ostentation generous – they gift to charity, lavish gifts on their nighest, profusely offer for his or her nearest and beloved, and, in general, are open-handed and unstintingly benevolent. however, will this be reconciled with the pronounced lack of sympathy and with the pernicious self-preoccupation that's therefore typical of narcissists?

The act of giving enhances the narcissist's sense of state, his fantastic expressive style, and also the contempt he holds for others. it's straightforward to feel superior to the supplicating recipients of one's largesse. selfish unselfishness is concerning exerting management and maintaining it by fostering dependence within the beneficiaries.

But narcissists offer for alternative reasons moreover.

The narcist flaunts his charitable nature as a bait. He impresses others along with his selflessness and kindness and so lures them into his habitation, entraps them, and manipulates and brainwashes them into subservient compliance and obsequious collaboration. folks are interested in the narcissist's larger than life posture – solely to get his true temperament traits once it's so much too late. "Give a touch to require a lot" – is that the narcissist's creed.

This doesn't forestall the narcist from forwarding the role of the exploited victim. Narcissists perpetually complain that life and other people are unfair to them which they invest way more than their "share of the profit". The narcist feels that he's the kill lamb, the whipping boy, which his relationships are uneven and unbalanced. "She gets out of our wedding way more than I do" – could be a common refrain. Or: "I do all the work around here – and that they get all the perks and benefits!"

Faced with such (mis)perceived injustice – and once the link is tight and also the victim is "hooked" – the narcist tries to reduce his contributions. He regards his input as a written agreement maintenance job and also the unpleasant and inevitable worth he needs to buy his selfish offer.

After a few years of feeling underprivileged and wronged, some narcissists lapse into "sadistic generosity" or "sadistic altruism". They use their giving as a weapon to taunt and torment the poverty-stricken and to hurt them. within the distorted thinking of the narcist, donating cash provides him the correct and license to harm, chastise, criticize, and bawl out the recipient. His generosity feels the narcist, elevates him to the next ethical ground.

Most narcissists confine their giving to cash and material merchandise. Their largess is an associate abusive unconscious process, supposed to avoid real intimacy. Their "big-hearted" charity renders all their relationships – even with their spouses and youngsters – "business-like", structured, limited, minimal, non-emotional, unambiguous, and non-ambivalent. By shelling out plenteously, the narcist "knows wherever he stands" and doesn't feel vulnerable by demands for commitment, emotional investment, empathy, or intimacy.

In the narcissist's wilderness of life, even his benevolence is vindictive, sadistic, punitive, and distance.

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